8 Apartments in lewisham


Lewisham, South London, 2018

In Collaboration with David Hughes Architects

Planning Consultant: Carter Jonas


This scheme for 8 apartments in Lewisham on a constrained site references neighbouring buildings to sit contextually, whilst making its own confident architectural statement.

A constrained site in between a relatively busy road, a train line and a row of distinctive period villas informed the design of this scheme for 8 new apartments in Lewisham.

Pre-application discussions with the local architectural society helped us develop a refined and well-considered proposal which makes a subtle reference to its neighbours without emulating them. The distinctive Georgian villas that sit next to the application site each have their own individual expression, and this suggested a building that could also assert itself, without seeking to stand out.

Carefully selected brick tones and detailing contribute to the success of the proposal, which was well received by local residents.

The project was a collaborative design process, led by David Hughes Architects, we hope the first of many successful collaborations.